Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Nerdy Aside Into the Realm of Table Top Roleplaying

                I used to be anti-third party when it came to DnD/Pathfinder anything. The most I ever branched out was playing a game called XCrawl back in high school. I had this pre-conceived notion that third party meant it was unbalanced and horribly written.  Boy was I wrong.  
Pathfinder took me in after Paizo was unable to continue Dungeon Magazine. I had really enjoyed the continuing adventures detailed in each issue. They were well written and put together. When Golarian came to be, I purchased the world guide, switched my friends over to the Pathfinder system, and ran them through the entirety of The Rise of the Runelords. This honestly was the only campaign I have managed to run all the way through. Golarian was fun for a while, but it is still a very cookie cutter world. Sure there is a history to the world, but it never feels dynamic enough to suit my tastes as a game master. Players go from point A to point B and everything is laid out for them. There are no side quests, and very rarely are there encounters the players need to run from or plan out carefully.  
                After some trouble trying to game with a trio of middle school girls, I’m sorry, I meant middle aged men (not to man-bash, these guys actually acted like Mean Girls), I was invited to play with a new game master that I had met during a pseudo DnD tournament.  This was the start of my introduction to the Lost Lands which started in Bards Gate and ended with my character getting slaughtered by a demon out in the Desolation.
I was in love.
                I started out buying Slumbering Tsar and eventually worked my way through anything on the market for Pathfinder and buying a few of the grab boxes for 3.5 adventures. I realized I had a problem. All of these older Necromancer games adventures detailed out areas I knew nothing about. The world of The Lost Lands is so vast, that most if it lived inside the heads of those old school game masters that ran their adventures there. I was (and am) still a newbie just venturing out.
 The best tool I had was the series of books detailing The Borderlands; unfortunately I choose to start my players out near Bards Gate.  In Crommlen’s Ghosts, the NPC’s mention the Kingdom of Helcynn and a place called the Hatha Peaks. Now this would be a perfect place for a lead in to another adventure that takes the players on a journey to lands distant to Bards Gate. Herein goes back to my current problem – where the heck are these places? Sure I could make it up as I go, but I am less of an extemporaneous GM and more of a spreadsheet-building-run-from-the-book kind of GM (too many hobbies not enough time for them). What I wanted, was a guide to anything and everything Lost Lands so I could, as a GM let my players turn off the main road (as players are oft want to do), and have the tools to pick up and run with it.
So needless to say, when Frog God Games announced the guide to the Lost Lands, I was ecstatic. A relatively new fan girl, I was still chomping at the bit for a world guide when Bill Webb hinted that one would be forthcoming. This was truly a “shut up and take my money” kind of moment.  Although not released yet, this will be my absolute favorite FGG product. Not just the book itself, but I also plan on buying the developers notes, because I want it ALL. I want to know every nook and cranny of the so far developed Lost Lands to build a dynamic and challenging world for my players. I also wish to try my hand at writing adventures. What better place to add when you don’t have to worry about drastically changing the setting just to make things work. Unlike Golarian with its static governments and very little historical change, the Lost Lands history is all about change. I could create anything from Bronze Age adventuring with the Hyperboreans to steampunk archeological adventures. I have also started venturing out of my comfort zone and buying more and more independent adventures that I can place in The Lost Lands. One day I will also revamp as many of my Pathfinder adventures that I can into The Lost Lands.
Frog God Games already has literal decades of published materials out there. I know many would be hard pressed to choose between something like Slumbering Tsar with the rich history of the Army of Light, and Rappan Athuk the definitive mega dungeon. I want to utilize everything I have and other products out there that catch my interest. To do this, I need the best tool in the FGG arsenal – The World of the Lost Lands.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Cute Mouse Shaker Christmas Cards

Cute Mouse Shaker Christmas Cards

A set of adorable shaker Christmas cards using the Simon Says Stamp exclusive Lawn Fawn release "Merry Christmouse". Mice were colored with Kuretake Clean Brush Markers. I used a stitched frame for the rectangles, but honestly cannot remember which brand. The multi-windowed shaker card is a die I got from Aliexpress. It is cheating a bit, but I love dies and  don't always have a lot of money to spend on them.  This set of cards is available on my etsy.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mixed Media Canvas

 I created this piece in a very simple way by melting crayons to create the swirls. I then decided to add some Lindy's Stamp Gang products for the background. This picture really does do the colors justice as I took the picture in my basement. I really do like the simplicity of it. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Super Late Waste Not Want Not Wednesday

I about forgot about Waste Not Want Not Wednesdays until on my way home. So here is a quick scrap card I made using some left over paper from making more stamp panels. I altered the background paper using Lindy's Products and colored the tree with various things. Looking at this picture I can't say I like how I colored the tree, but the background looks amazing.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hello Again

I know I have been crazy absent for a long time. It is a very long story that I will eventually talk about on the other blog I started Gamer Girl's Guide to Dating. I am trying to get my life back together and get un-lazy.

That is to say I have still kept up doing crafting and did take pictures of most of my projects so I will have tons of material to post.

Here are two cards I made from scraps after I made some clear stamp panels. I wanted to go with simple so I only added the simple sentiment. The matte is some marble paper I made awhile back. I didn't care too much for the papers I've made so I haven't used them much. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

On Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry for no WNWNW this week. I ended up with a sudden ACT student who requested 4 hours of tutoring plus I was attempting to pack and get ready for my trip to LA. I'm currently at the Salt Lake City Airport awaiting my flight into Los Angeles for KCon! I am sooooooo exited to be seeing some of my favorite artists in concert. Be prepared for lots of pictures and new scrapbook pages when I return!