Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lack of Motivation

So I was working on ponies for awhile, then I cleaned up my room. I also had to start my FBR over again on my G4 pony.

I'm feeling a lack of motivation to work on anything craft related though. I just get so tired of my desk getting horribly messy. I'm tired of having a tiny room to do crafting.

On the good side of things, my dad and I are actively looking at houses. Yesterday we looked at two promising places. One house isn't as big and doesn't have as much land, but the house doesn't really need any work. The other house is huge and has a lot of land, but the basement needs to be completely redone. I am rather partial to the second house because it would mean having a basement all to myself. I would also get the chance to do some serious renovation and redecorating--complete with demo, drywalling, electrical, tiling, and painting. It would be a several months' project to say the least. That property has a few other issues with it, and not sure if some things would pass inspection like the windows in the basement. We also don't know how much the current owner is willing to work on the house or willing to give up on price.

We'll keep looking in the meantime. I am hoping we'll find something soon so I can get started on renovation and remodeling!

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