Monday, November 28, 2011

A Stocking Experiment!

Silly pun aside, this is about trying different ways of coloring stockings on the Butterfly Queen. For three of these ladies I stamped them in black pigment ink instead of the usual archival ink. I found that it works a lot better because Copics and other water based colors do not bleed with it. Of course you want to let it dry for quite awhile before you're ready to color.

The first lady has Pearlescent Arylic Ink stockings by Daler and Rowney.
Lady number two has Magical Mica stockings
Lady number three has water color pencil stocks
And the last lady has glitter stockings!

I think my two favorite styles is the acrylic ink stockings and my usual water color pencil stockings. The glitter stockings look better from far away, but I found it hard to get an even coverage of glitter on her legs. 

Please do let me know which style of stockings you prefer!

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  1. Thanks for the different ideas. I'll be using them on future bombshells.