Monday, August 15, 2011

Pathfinder Folder Cover

I finally managed to get the cover for my Pathfinder folder done. For those of you who don't know what Pathfinder is, it's Paizo Publishing's incarnation of Dungeons and Dragons. When Wizards of the Coast decided not to renew Paizo's license to publish Dungeon and Dragon magazines, Paizo decided to start publishing their own adventure paths. Because the response was so great (and so many people didn't want to play 4th Edition D&D) Paizo came up with the Pathfinder system.

Pathfinder takes place on the world of Golarion, a vast and amazing planet. I love all of the countries and races they came up with. When we decided to go back to the Age of Worms campaign my friends brought all of their characters from my Rise of the Runelords campaign but I was left without a character. This character I'd originally made for an online campaign and I really wanted to play a different sort of character than I usually play, thus Ullevi Vladislava was born. She is an ice princess from the land of eternal winter - Irrisen. Like all of her kind, Ullevi is a descendant of the great witch Baba Yaga, but she also has a bit of celestial blood in her. She's not a particularly nice and friendly character. She's very haughty and actually a bit racist (as all of her kin are), but Ullevi has learned to work with "lesser" races to stop undead threats in the world of Golarion. Currently she and her companions are working to stop a real zombie apocalypse from happening.

And now on to the actual piece:
     For this cover I started with a plain piece of white cardstock and colored it with Starburst Stains and Sprays from Lindy's Stamp Gang. The large blue snowflakes were created with a Tattered Angels stencil and some Lindy's Color Shots mixed with acrylic medium. I stamped other snowflakes on with pigmented ink and embossed some crowns with a homemade mix of embossing powder. I then added the white and silver snowflake stickers before adding the title cut out with my Cricut - Lyrical Letters. The digi stamp on this was done by Kalisama on DeviantArt. I colored it with Lindy's products, acrylic inks by Daler and Rowney, and some watercolor pencils.  (I've broken down and bought some promarkers so I can do a better job with skin tones). After gluing my little Ullevi to the page I added some snowflake brads, more snowflake stickers, a gemmed swirl and some Lindy's lazer cut snow flakes colored with Magical Micas.

I really love how it all turned out. My coloring is not bad at all and the background looks awesome. Now I want to commission her to make my other characters so I can switch out the cover on my folder depending on which character I'm using!

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  1. Oh, I love it. You have to share your recipe for homemade embossing powder. I am so curious. I would love to make my own embossing powder. Back to your folder. :) I wish my gaming folders looked this cool. I love everything you did. You really inspired me.