Friday, May 25, 2012

Altered Art- RP Folder Cover

So after a glorious end to the Age of Worms campaign we have started playing Pathfinder's Second Darkness campaign. I made  a gnome Ranger who thinks she is a seeress, does a bit of ventriloquism, is convinced she's a ninja, and has a dire weasel as an animal companion. Her name is Lini Blinkindurfer.

I created this cover for my RP'ing folder using Lindy's products for the background, DCWV paper from the Chateau Lavender stack, ferret sticker from hayhedgehoghay, some celtic alphabet stamps, flowers by Petaloo, and some plain Testor acrylics for the arch. I colored Lini using copics, Lindy's products, and some watercolor pencils. All in all I think this turned out cute. I think I'm going to start an art folder for my old characters with the cover sheets and character sheets.

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  1. Love your description of your character made me lol. Very cute card.