Monday, July 4, 2011

My New Home Made Stamp Pad Rack!


I am so excited to show off my new stamp pad rack. My father and I built this to fit at the bottom of my shelf that sits on my desk. We used 1x5s and pressed board. My dad routed the verticals to fit the little pressed board shelves. Everything is held together by wood glue and air gun staples. I did all of the measuring (it's certainly not perfect), and I held everything while my dad cut. It's awesome having a dad who has more tools than Sears to be able to build something like this in about 2 hours or so.

As you can see it perfectly fits in that little space. For a minute I thought it wasn't going to fit! I couldn't fit all of my stamp pads in it either, though most of what I kept in the drawer were little square stamp pads and some duplicates. I also have several unopened pads that are still shrink wrapped in there. The important part is that I fit all of the stamp pads I use most often or need to use more often. Now I just need to get to some more stamping!

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